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GreetCodes make personalized
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What is Greetanica API?

In a world of customized products, the possibilities for innovation are endless.

Do you aspire to beat the competition?

Introducing Greetanica, the world's first platform for embedding digital video

in physical albums, cards, and gifts.

Make your customers even happier with GreetCodes,  ready-to-activate QR codes that let customers attach videos, YouTube songs, or any digital content link, in just a few clicks. GreetCodes turns up the value of your customized albums and gifts, at the lowest possible cost.

Hello, GreetCodes.
Hello, revenue!

Expand your offering
Excite and engage customers with the option to attach a video or other link to their customized album or gift.

Just a small programming effort and you’re all set
Integrating GreetCodes in your website is done via a simple and secure API call that returns
the desired amount of ready-to-activate codes. Place these codes as QR codes anywhere your customers choose in their album or gift.

Boost your sales
Provide customers with an irresistible product enhancement they can’t get anywhere else. And at just a few cents per QR code, GreetCodes offer amazing ROI.

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