About Greetanica

Beloved by people everywhere, greeting cards have long been a heartfelt tradition, the preferred method to deliver meaningful messages to friends, family and colleagues. With Greetanica, you can do it in a more innovative, personal, and exciting way than ever before.


The idea for Greetanica was born in 2019 when founder Yair Hazan wanted to add a quote from a song to a greeting card. When he realized that he couldn’t remember the exact lyrics, he thought how nice it would be if he could attach the song itself to the card. And maybe even more so, a personal video of him quoting those lyrics. So he started searching, and found lots of beautiful greeting cards but none of them offered the solution he wanted. He created it himself.

Introducing GreetCodes: Ready-to-activate QR codes!

With GreetCodes you can attach videos, YouTube songs, or any digital content link to physical albums, greeting cards, and gifts.

Every card can have a GreetCode inside. Scan the GreetCode to upload a video. The video is now linked to that GreetCode, which is fixed into the greeting card itself.

Makers, Manufacturers!

Broaden your product offerings with Greetanica


Do you make greeting cards? Greetanica enables you to integrate GreetCodes into your products! Provide your customers with an irresistible product enhancement they can’t get anywhere else. Read more here

Customized Product Manufacturers
Excite and engage customers with the option to attach a video or any digital content link to your customized products, such as albums or gifts. Read more here

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