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Our in-house manufacturing facilities are located in the UK and mainland Europe. Due to the pandemic, they are not able to operate at full capacity, which is causing some delays to order processing times. Customers should anticipate shipping delays for the foreseeable future. Unfortunately, we are unable to give you an accurate estimate of your product arrival date. We appreciate your patience and understanding. Thank you for being our customer. We value your support more than ever at this time.

Setting up your Greetanica greeting card

Each greeting card comes with a unique QR code printed inside it. We call it the "GreetCode". When you first scan the GreetCode, it will open a link to an upload page where you can film or upload a video directly from your phone. You can also attach a URL of a YouTube song or any other link you want. Now, when you scan the GreetCode again, it will lead you directly to the video or link you attached. That's it! Your loved ones will be amazed to receive a greeting card with a personal video message inside.

How do I scan the GreetCode?

No need to download any app. You can scan the GreetCode just with your smartphone camera. Open the Camera app on your phone. Point your camera at the QR code. Then, tap the pop-up notification.

When can I activate the GreetCode after purchase?

When you purchase a Greetanica greeting card, whether you choose to send it to your address or directly to the recipient, you get an activation email that enables you to activate the GreetCode online and attach your personal video or link to it. You can also activate the GreetCode directly from inside the physical greeting card.

My smartphone camera is not scanning the GreetCode

Apparently, the option to scan QR codes is disabled in your device settings. Enable it, or alternatively you can easily find many free scanning apps in the app stores.

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